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International Re-enactment Spectacle BOZ1588

Project Description

International Re-enactment Spectacle BOZ1588 (At Bergen op Zoom 800 Years Festival):
In the year of Our Lord 1622. The end of the 2nd siege of Bergen op Zoom. Rochus Adriaenszoon (Narrator) is an old man who has not long to live anymore. Rochus writes for one last time the story in a letter to his daughter Cathelijn. He takes the viewer along to a major event in his life, the birth of his daughter Cathelijn in the year 1588 at the time of the 1st siege of Bergen op Zoom. The young Rochus was a baker in bakery the Eycke in Bergen op Zoom and was obliged to participate as a citizen fighting with the Borgerij against the Spaniards. At the same time in 1588 his wife is pregnant. She gives birth to a daughter during the attacks in the city. A hectic period in Bergen op Zoom. BOZ1588 is a fact: The battle, the theatre, the music…

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